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Vietnam Motorcycle Motorbike Tours – About Our Business

About Our Business

Our business – Vietnam Motorcycle Motorbike Tours – is 100% Vietnamese owned, managed and operated which means all your money stays in Vietnam. In fact, we are one part of the larger Offroad Vietnam Adventure Travel.

There are many motorbike tours from Hanoi, Northern Vietnam. However, most come from travel agents or people who don’t own motorbikes. Therefore, once your bikes have an issue on the road, it takes time to fix or support is limited. On the other hand, we own all touring bikes and even service or fix them. This means we know what we are doing.

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Our Business Is 100% Vietnamese

We believe in putting the money back into the Vietnamese community. The two Vietnamese men that own Vietnam Motorcycle Motorbike Tours have years of operating motorcycle tours or guiding motorbike trips in Vietnam. In addition, a professional team of tour guides, mechanics and office staff will always be with you when you ride on our trips. Our team was also born in Vietnam. In other words, all your money stays in Vietnam.

Tours On Two Wheels & Prices

Our business currently provides three tour packages through Vietnam, starting from Hanoi: unguided motorbike tours (bike rentals), semi-guided motorbike tours (bike and guide) and fully guided tours (all inclusive). Tour prices work with a wide budget range, from as low as 10$US/day to 250$US/day. You can still ride with us whether you are a beginner or an experienced off road rider. For beginners and novice riders, we will offer an introductory riding lesson and most can ride safely. For experienced riders, you can ride large off road bikes or even do a self-guided tour. With our professional team, you have support when you need.

Touring Bike Fleet

Honestly, we are the first Vietnam motorbike tour operator who uses only Japanese Honda bikes. In fact, our smallest touring bike is 125cc and the largest being 250cc. Unlike many shops, we don’t use any other brands and of course no Chinese copy. Many travellers didn’t pay attention to this reality and in the end, most (over 90%) bought a Chinese Win. To no surprise, they spent more time in garages than riding. For more information why we don’t consider Chinese Win a touring bike please follow this link.

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In case you still have more questions or need to know more about our business, just contact us now.

Runs motorcycle tours & motorbike rentals in Hanoi, Vietnam. For more details, please see my Google+ and Facebook pages.

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