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Vietnam Motorcycle Motorbike Tours – 2-Day Motorbike Tour


2-Day Motorbike Tour From Hanoi To Mai Chau Introduction

Vietnam Motorcycle & Motorbike Tours invite you to join us on this short fantastic 2-day motorbike tour to Mai Chau, a valley at the foot of a mountain range. You see river roads, village roads, mountain roads and a few groups of ethnic people like Thai, Muong, H’mong and Dao etc. In fact, this short trip suits for both experienced and non-experienced riders.

Click here to watch a video clip that has some portions of this trip. In case you want to watch more videos please check our YouTube channel.


Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau. ~200 km, ~6 h.

We start at 9am on the river roads (Song Hong and Song Da) via Son Tay and Hoa Binh to avoid heavy traffic in the inner city. This road is part of Road 32 until Trung Ha bridge where we turn left. About 30km longer than taking Highway 6 from the South-west end of Hanoi but definitely worth it because you don’t have 40 crossings and crazy traffic. In addition, river view is also good, better than street view!

After lunch in Hoa Binh, we ride under a tunnel to the Soviet-aided “giant” hydroelectric plant. This was the largest plant in Vietnam until the recent Son La hydroelectric plant was finished. At the damp, you have a great view of the Delta and Hoa Binh. After this plant is a challenging Cun pass that is the entry to the rocky Northwest of Vietnam. We ride for another 80km before dropping down to the valley of Mai Chau.

Vietnam Motorcycle Motorbike Tours - 2-Day Motorbike Tour: Vietnam Motorcycle & Motorbike Tours to Mai Chau, Thung Mai, Thung Nhuoi, Hoa Binh

The valley of Mai Chau lies between two rivers: the Da River and the Ma River that make it very fertile and rich in varied landscapes, medium mountains, forest, lake, rivers, and infinitude of small footpaths and offer many possibilities of a trek. In the valley of Mai Chau and its surroundings are Muong, white Thai, H’mong (in the height), and the Dao who we meet at the markets or in their villages during trekking, boating or while riding.

Day 2: Mai Chau – Hanoi. ~180 km, ~5 h.

In the morning, ride around Mai Chau on rice paddy tracks and then ride to Hanoi on karst road. Then we have lunch on road. We would retrace some parts of the road from yesterday because there isn’t enough time to ride in a bigger loop. However, we will try our best to make it as different as possible.

Arrive in Hanoi ~5 pm.

There are many more 2-day motorbike tours that we can design to cater for your needs and riding experience. Just contact us and see what we can do together or if you need more details about this 2-day motorbike tour to Mai Chau from Hanoi.

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    Any tours during tet holidy? 2-day tour, departure from Hanoi would be my preference. Please send some information about pricing if available. Thanks

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      Jake, sadly the answer is no. We are closed between January 25th and February 2017.

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