Experience what is, in our estimation the best motorbike tours in Vietnam. Vietnam has some of the most motorcycle-friendly roads in the whole of South East Asia. The Northern Vietnam loop is one of the world’s best motorcycling routes. Authentic local hill tribe groups, stunning scenery, magnificent views, along with challenging and invigorating roads offer a once in a lifetime experience.

For Vietnam’s Covid-19 updates, you can check at this link. In fact, our team is always available even Vietnam tourism is hard hit by this pandemic.

Many Vietnam motorbike tours between 2020 and 2022 were cancelled or suspended. The good news is the Vietnamese border is officially open from March 15th 2022, so let’s get ready and apply for a visa now!

Why Northern Vietnam?

Northern Vietnam is a motorcycle paradise with endless well paved, deserted winding mountain roads, warm weather, and great attractions (waterfalls, hot springs, ethnic hill-tribe people, stunning viewpoints) every hour or so to take in while stretching your legs for a while. Just ask all the riders from this corner of the world (South-east Asia) where they would rather go touring on two wheels.

You’re never too far from civilization either. 100 kilometres between major towns. Fuel is every 10 kilometres or so and accommodation about the same. Eating seems to be the Vietnamese national pastime and there’s fabulous food just about everywhere you look! The major towns all include many of the comforts of home as well.

All riders are welcome, from the novice bikers onwards to the old hand. We are personally never tired of these guided tours, no matter how often we do them, there always seems to be something new to experience. The touring is relatively easy but still exhilarating, riding on the right-hand side of the road. Add to that a warm tropical climate and totally new experiences almost every moment of the day with people who know what they’re doing in such situations and it all adds up to a combination that is quite simply unavailable elsewhere, a perfect two-wheeled holiday!

Ha Giang province. North Vietnam motorcycle tour, motorbike tour, scooter holiday by Honda dirt bike XR150L, CRF150L & CRF250L from Hanoi, led by Tony Nguyen

Additional adventure activities if required can include trekking, swimming, bamboo river rafting, massage & spa experience, hiking in the jungle, fishing, and Viet-cookery courses. Flexibility is our mission, you have many choices to suit you and your timing.

How We Ride

Each tour is carefully planned to the last detail, fabulous roads, breathtaking scenery. No matter whether you take the “quickie” 1-day tour, the 7-day tour that also allows you to soak up the culture and activity of Vietnam’s hill tribes who live near Hanoi, or the full 16-day tour which offers a complete trip around the north of Vietnam (big/grand north loop), we can promise you maximum exposure to Vietnam’s wonderful cultural heritage, exotic foods and marvelous people in a way no other coach tour or fly/drive can. Motorbiking really is the only way to highlight this country’s many facets. There is no feeling like you’re being herded like a flock of sheep.

Regarding numbers we keep group low, six riders are about the maximum each guide/leader is comfortable taking to allow each and every rider our personal attention. We offer advice on the best things to see and do, but you’re under no pressure to follow the crowd. You can strike out on your own at any time and simply meet back up with us when you’re ready. Enjoy an exciting scenic cultural adventure guided motorcycling holiday of a lifetime with us.

Why Us?

Our team has over 20 years of experience in Vietnam. Knowing the many pitfalls that can befall the occasional traveller allows us to pre-empt and skirt these situations to provide you with a hassle-free holiday that you will be able to look back on with only fond memories in many years to come.

Self-Guided Motorcycling In Vietnam

Self-guided (unguided) motorbike rentals are available for experienced riders.

When you want to ride on your own (self-guided trips), consider hiring our bike(s). All bikes are Japanese Honda, with no Chinese fakes, from 125 to 250cc. We understand every bike and save a repair history which in case you have a problem could help identify exactly what replacement or repair you need. Some helpful tips and advice are available when you collect your rental motorcycles. To have a great trip, equip yourselves with some mechanic basics as manual clutch bikes in Vietnam are not that popular. You probably have more new friends when you get lost or have a flat tire!

Guided Motorbike Tours Of Vietnam

Offroad Vietnam offers guided on and off-road motorcycle tours. You can also book semi-guided (or half-guided) motorbike tours.

Includes – all tours & rides, Japanese Honda road motorcycles and dirt bikes 125-250cc for the duration of your stay, food, accommodation, fuel for the tours & runs, attractions, entry fees, maps, guides, breakdown recovery & replacement and other assistance and guidance during your stay. We own all touring bikes, maintain and prepare them for your trip personally. The bikes are among the best you could find in Northern Vietnam and this is very important. Just ride and enjoy your adventure, leave all bike works with us and our guide!

We recommend partners in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and China to offer more options to our customers.

Below are some typical custom motorbike tours in Vietnam we design and they are for either experienced bikers or inexperienced riders (by selecting different bikes). If you want to join one of our existing motorbike tours with places still available please follow this link.

One Day Around Hanoi

Day trip on motorbike in Vietnam around Hanoi

In just one day, join us on this short motorbike tour in or around Hanoi. You will have a few options to choose from, our tours cater for different riding experiences, expectations, and budgets. We can ride to traditional villages, mountain tops, temples, and Buddhist pagodas, etc.

Even in a day, we would strongly recommend this tour to intermediate and experienced riders only. Getting out of Hanoi and back in is not an easy job! The distance is under 200km but takes 5-6 hours to ride.

Two Days Of Mai Chau Valley

2-day trip on motorbike To Mai Chau in Hoa Binh province

Mai Chau is a valley in Hoa Binh province, not far away from Hanoi and is home to a few hill tribal people such as Thai, H’mong, Dao, Muong, etc. You will stay with a Thai host family in Pom Coong village and see how they live their simple daily life. Thai people are among the most friendly people in Vietnam.

It is, in fact, one of the finest short motorbike tours in just two days. The trip is easy, you ride nearly 400km in two days and takes about 9 hours.

There is an option to extend this tour to three days and ride the challenging tracks near Mai Chau or further North to Ta So and Ta Xua in Moc Chau district.

Roof Roads Of Northern Vietnam

5-day trip on motorbike in Vietnam on the Hoang Lien range

Hoang Lien mountain range is the highest in Vietnam. Fansipan – top or roof of Indochina – is on this range, near Sapa. High elevation, cool weather, terrace rice fields, impressive views, and colourful hill tribes make this a fantastic off-road motorbike tour in just 5 days. Good for experienced riders.

The distance is around 1,000km and takes roughly 30 hours of riding.

Northeast Vietnam

6-day trip on motorbike in Vietnam riding Highway 4

Northeast Vietnam is one of the most beautiful areas in Northern Vietnam. Breathtaking landscapes like Ba Be lake, Ban Gioc waterfalls, and Highway 4 plus warm and friendly Dao, Thai, Tay, and Nung people will definitely make you feel very welcome everywhere you stay. This motorbike adventure suits riders from novice to experienced. Many homestays make the whole experience even more special.

This loop is around 1,200km and about 35 hours.

Northwest Vietnam

7-day trip on 2 wheels in Vietnam riding rough roads

Northwest Vietnam is a beautiful place but the roads are quite rough. There are more hill tribe people in this area than anywhere in Vietnam. Due to road works and landslides (in summer) and cold & misty weather (in winter), this motorbike adventure is best for intermediate and experienced riders. Road work before and after Muong Lay (for the Lai Chau hydroelectric plant) is quite challenging. In fact, we normally skip this part and ride from Son La to Than Uyen and then Sapa.

This tour is between 1,400 and 1,600km and about 40 hours.

Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road

13-day trip on motorcycle riding through Vietnam on the Ho Chi Minh trail/road

BBC’s Top Gear Vietnam Special featured some of the Trail in their amazing 2008 show. Join us to retrace Top Gear route and see how bad the war is.

A Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road trip offers 40% on backcountry roads and 60% on highways. We ride in Vietnam only and don’t extend to Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos because of the complicated and expensive paperwork (visa, permits, bikes, etc.). The Ho Chi Minh Road is new and almost empty.

A ride down Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road is less scenic than in Northern Vietnam and the riding hours are longer.

Great North Loop Of Vietnam

14-day trip on motorcycles riding through North Vietnam in a big loop

If time and budget allow, join this long motorcycle tour exploring Northern Vietnam in a big loop. You will see everything that Northern Vietnam has to offer. The roads are long and challenging but in return, you will do something, not like the norm. You will ride through all Northern Vietnam provinces and meet more than 30 different groups of people. This ride would suit riders from intermediate to experienced but if you take a riding lesson, you could join us.

Allow at least two weeks to cover this 3,000km loop that takes around 80 hours to ride.

Customized Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Customize your motorbike trip to your needs and expectations

Forget about a set itinerary, no plan is needed and ride with maximum flexibility and freedom. This sounds like a journey not like the norm, yes that’s true. Careful preparation and good riding skills are necessary. You will be doing something that only a few dare to conquer but once you return in one piece, you will be ready for any challenge in your life.

You can ride wherever you want, fast or slow as you can (within the speed limit). Stops for the night can be decided during the day. We start every day around 9am and end before dark (around 5-6pm depending on seasons).

To have some idea about Vietnam motorbike tours my company provides, please watch the below video.


Ready To Kick Start Your Vietnam Motorbike Adventures?

That’s it. You have read through the most popular Vietnam motorbike tours we offer, we hope that you can make a decision based on what we provided. If you want to contact us by email, please click here. Also, let us know if we can assist you in any other way.

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